Adult yoga classes and children’s creative dance classes in Sotogrande, Spain. 

Classes are currently closed while Emma is on maternity leave. Keep an eye on the website or get on the mailing list to find out when classes will recommence. 

Yoga offers a holistic approach to body, mind and breath, which can provide space and time to process your daily life and enhance your body.

Yoga doesn’t just help with flexibility but can also enable you to build strength, increase mobility, improve posture, expand breath capacity and work with more ease in your body so that difficult physical tasks become easier. Yoga can help provide relief for a specific physical conditions, help managing stress, or simply offer you some relaxing time to yourself.

My yoga classes focus on creating strength, space and length in the body whilst using the breath to create calmness and relaxation to enhance the benefits for the body and mind.

Email Emma at any time to be added to the mailing list to hear about new classes and events!