Getting the buzz back

6 months ago I wasn’t doing much yoga, an old injury was bothering me and I was concerned that I had forgotten how to teach yoga and had forgotten all that I once knew. We had moved abroad 6 months earlier and I hadn’t had time for yoga for a while. I was worried about how I was going to get my buzz back and where or how I would find the ideas and motivation to get me teaching again. I tried to be patient. I tried to give things time to happen. And they did.

The first thing that happened was that my body just started feeling good. I felt strong, I felt the ease come back to my practice. I felt caution and tension melt away as my injury disappeared. And I felt space and lightness return to my movement. It feels so good. Throughout my life I’ve gone through phases of my body feeling awesome and other times where just everything is a little problem and I’m constantly bothered by little injuries. When I was in my final year at University, dancing every day, often most of the day, my body was so powerful. I remember that amazing feeling of travelling across the dance studio and covering such an amount of space with a few moves. That was my peak. Right now, I’m at a good peak. Not THE peak, because I don’t think I will ever be able to move like that again, but in terms of strength and power its getting there.

What is amazing about yoga is that when stuff starts falling into place you discover new things. Right now I am loving poses I have never enjoyed before; arm balances, planks, back bends. But more than that, these last few months I have discovered my own practice. For the first time ever it is not a chore to get on my mat at home on my own because I don’t feel I need to plan my practice. I want to sit on my mat and just do what feels good. And ever better that that is that I feel able to play. To try out new postures and take risks.

Oh, I’ve done a gushing yoga post. But I’m afraid I just had to share that I totally lost my yoga when we moved abroad last year. The effort and exhaustion of moving just took it from me and I only had the space to focus on my family and building our new life. Now that all of that is in place the yoga is back and I am so thrilled. And mostly thrilled that I get to teach that to other people again soon.