For years I have marvelled at and been inspired by those yogi’s who come up with their own poses and sequences, those who spend hours doing their own practice nearly every day and who teach their classes without meticulous pre-planning. I have envied their ease, the way yoga seems to flow from them effortlessly and how much knowledge they seem to have. On days when I am feeling positive and inspired I know that I have the same knowledge but that I use it differently. On days where I feel unconfident and not very focused I worry that I will never be as good as them and then tell myself off for being competitive and jealous. But the fact is that this is how I want my yoga to be. This ideal motivates me and drives me forward to keep learning and improving.

In recent weeks, along with finding happiness in practicing yoga on my own, in my garden, I have found my head has started buzzing with postures. Everywhere I look something suggests to me ways to do and change poses, and I am excited about trying these new ways out on my mat.

Some of this inspiration I have found online. Tara Stiles’s approach to yoga always clicks with me and I have found myself returning to her DVD’s and you tube stuff to fire me up. On Instagram I am loving @yoga_girl. Her flowing flipgram routines just make me want to run to my mat. Other inspiration has come from the yogis I know. My yoga teacher, Pippa, teaches a new class every time and I leave every class having learnt something new about my body and my yoga.

But the biggest input has come from my students. A few weeks ago I started teaching a private class in my garden to a few friends. I completely underestimated how important getting these first few classes under my belt would be after a year of not teaching. With every session I literally felt myself slotting back into the headspace of teaching, planning, responding and encouraging my students. Their enthusiasm and curiosity has been invaluable to the process of getting me back to the place I need to be to teach yoga again. I now feel so ready to get my classes going.

All these factors have really come together in my head in the last week or so and today I hit my mat and I just wanted to play. Often I struggle to think of enough to do on my mat to fill more than 30 minutes. Today I could have stayed on my mat for 2 hours (I didn’t, I was hungry. I lasted 45mins). I just wanted to try new things, to test myself and encourage myself. I wanted to find ways to move into and between things. It felt comfortable to deviate from my normal routine, to let things happen. I didn’t feel the need to make sure I had covered each type of pose and each area of the body equally, and did so naturally anyway. I found myself easily shifting away from my go to, comfort poses and finding new comfort in poses I often avoid. And by the end I felt space in my body and my mind, and I felt the breeze around me and was very grateful for the time on my mat.

And afterwards, I wanted to blog! I want to write down what I had learnt and I wanted to find new things to do tomorrow. Totally buzzing.